Following Christ TOGETHER

Following Christ TOGETHER


We are all at a different place in our walk with Christ. Have you ever wondered where you are in this journey? What your next step could be? This ten part study led by our Pastor of Discipleship, Keith Buckbee dives deeper into our relationship with Christ and helps us discover the path of discipleship.

Committed followers of Jesus are called to mature in their faith, not remain comfortable. We should also intentionally partner with other Christians, walking beside them to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. As we better understand our journey, we become equipped to help others be more Christ-like and to nurture them as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The optimal format for this study is:

  1. A teaching message given by Pastor of Discipleship Keith Buckbee
  2. Small group breakout discussions

Videos of the teaching message portion of the program are posted below along with materials for each session. While the full experience of attendance and small group participation is strongly recommended, any who were unable to register and join us are welcome to use this resource.

Weekly Videos and Study Materials

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Seeking God and Awareness

Session 3 – Learning as Disciples

Session 4 – Serving as Disciples

Session 5 – The Journey Inward

Session 6 – The Wall

Session 7 – Going Through the Wall

Session 8 – Jesus Reveals Himself

Session 9 – Christ’s Great Commission

Session 10 – The Life of Love