A Time For Everything…

A Time For Everything…

HUMC Sanctuary & Live Stream

Same Event on Two Different Dates
Friday, May 14 & Friday June 4

7 p.m. – 8 p.m.




Have you experienced some kind of loss over the past year due to the COVID -19 pandemic? Has it been difficult for you, your children or someone else you know to express, make sense of, or come to terms with what you’ve lost. Are you anxious about losing the good things you’ve gained through the pandemic? If so, there’s an upcoming event that may be right for you.

A Time for Everything … is a community event designed to provide a place and space for people of all ages to acknowledge, express, name, honor, and reflect upon their individual and collective pandemic losses. The name of the event is derived from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…). Pandemic losses have run the gamut — from the devastating loss of a loved one(s), to the loss of jobs and financial security, homes, social connections, activities, milestone celebrations and events, rights of passage, time spent with family, and routines and traditions. The list goes on and on. But no matter the nature of the loss or the age of the person experiencing the loss, all losses during the pandemic are significant and have affected people in many ways. These losses can be difficult if not impossible to recapture, making it challenging for us to reconcile our losses.

A Time for Everything …, a free event open to the public, will be held at Hempfield UMC, 3050 Marietta Ave., Lanc. on two Friday evenings this spring, May 14 and June 4, from 7-8 p.m. Due to Covid-19 protocols, attendance will be limited on each evening and pre-registration is required. Current COVID-19 protocols will be followed. At the conclusion of each evening’s program, donations will be accepted to help offset costs for those wishing to support the event in this way.

The program was conceived by Joyce Young, Hempfield UMC’s Director of Care Ministries and Minister of Visitation along with author Alisa Bair (alisabairmusic.com).

Young says this event came to be because, “2020 was a year we will not forget – and also a year we wish we could forget. We are not used to this kind of prolonged, collective grief and sorrow. As a community, we’ve had some past experience with collective grief and sorrow – 9/11, mass shootings, riots, images of destruction from natural disasters, but comparatively, these experiences have been short lived. We were told the Covid-19 shut downs and mitigation efforts would be temporary, but now more than a year later they do not feel temporary at all. We continue to grieve a ‘living loss’ – a loss that keeps on going and going. We need to find meaning in that. This event, A Time for Everything, is designed to help us to do that.”

To that, Bair adds, “It is a daunting task to inventory all our individual and communal losses from this past year. We have losses that existed before the pandemic, as well as new losses and conditions heavily stressed during it. Our attention deficit culture doesn’t help, pushing us from one thing to the next so fast we strip each other of the ‘good grieving’ that nourishes our humanity. One evening program acknowledging these losses won’t be enough. But it might be an important part of the process – a chance to breathe out a collective sigh for all that we’ve been holding in this past year.”

Included in the multi-faceted event will be reflections and meditations, video vignettes, interpretive dance by HurleyInMotion (hurleyinmotion.com), meditative music by Tish Brown and Abigail’s Garden, and prayer. Attendees also will have the unique, optional opportunity to privately jot down their own personal pandemic losses on torn slips of paper, crumple them up and bring them to the altar – symbolically releasing some of the pain from these losses. For additional information about this event, please contact Joyce Young. Follow the registration links at the top of this page to register.