Posts from September 2021

Posts from September 2021

October 2021 – Shining Like Stars

The Book of Philippians shows us what is possible when the church gets things right. Saint Paul loved the believers in Philippi and called them “My Joy and Crown.” They worked in harmonious partnership with one another, pursued the mind of Christ, and obtained the peace of God. Paul said that they “shined like stars in the universe.” Join us this October as we explore this excellent book in our new worship series, “Shining Like Stars.” Sunday, October 3, 2021…

God Has Been Faithful In Answering Prayers

We are absolutely elated to write to you this month to share all the ways God has been faithful to answer so many prayers. The first month of the semester has passed and it was a bit of a blur from all the events and outreaching. One of the very specific ways God answered all our prayers was by sending us enough male college students to relaunch the ministry. Here are some of the stories of God sending us new…

Life for children ministry serving the Lord despite pandemic’s impact

Greetings, I can’t thank HUMC and its Serve team for standing with me, Julie Campbell and Life for Children for so many years. Hempfield UMC was among the first church partners I had when the ministry began in 2006. I will forever be indebted to her friendship, partnership and prayers over the years. HUMC’s pastor, Rev. John, and other members visited Kenya – and what a bond this created! Life for Children ministry is serving the Lord – despite the…
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