A War Against our Soul – 1 Peter 2:11

A War Against our Soul – 1 Peter 2:11

Dear friends, I urge you as strangers and exiles to abstain from sinful desires that wage war against the soul. (1 Peter 2:11)

Pastor John’s Notes:

The soul is our inner life. The soul was created to be a beautiful place, a house of the Holy Spirit where we might have communion with God. But the world in which we live is a fallen world, and we are a fallen people. Having been separated from God, the inner spiritual connection between our soul and the Spirit of God has been severed by sin. We have rebelled against God and sought the world’s pleasures. We have allowed our desires to run rampant. They have ruined the beauty of our inner life. The world has provided a continual stream of unhealthy things to feed our soul’s desires, but our soul is never satisfied and our inner life has only worsened.  Haven’t we had enough?

It is time for us to realize that there is a war being waged against us. The corrupted desires within us are not our friends; they are our enemies. Everything the world offers is a sham substitute for the blessings of God. It is time for us to shut the door, to turn off the valve, and to no longer allow the things of this world entrance. This shutting of the door is only the first step. Afterward, there will be the long task of cleaning out the mess the world has left behind. But God is our helper and the Spirit of God will show us what needs to be done! God intends for our soul to once again become a place of beauty and peace.


Lord, help me see the war being waged against my soul. Help me to shut the door and turn off the valve. Make me so sick of the corruption of the world that I sever the tie to the things that have ruined my soul. And then help me with the cleanup. Begin to set my soul in order so that it might become a place of beauty, a place where you and I can meet.