Blessed are the Humble – Matthew 5:5

Blessed are the Humble – Matthew 5:5

The Reading

Blessed are the humble, for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)


In blessing the humble, Jesus is declaring a truth found in the Psalms, which the people would have known well, “A little while, and the wicked person will be no more; though you look for him, he will not be there. But the humble will inherit the land and will enjoy abundant prosperity” (Psalm 37:11). This Scripture points to a hidden principle of the kingdom of God. God has a secret way of prospering His people, and God favors those who are gentle and humble. The self-righteous and greedy may appear to thrive for a time, but their lives are unstable. Sooner or later, they will inevitably fall. Even if they are able to remain successful until the end of their earthly life, in the end, they will have nothing, for they will not inherit the eternal kingdom of God.

The Prayer

Lord, let me not believe the world’s lies. Teach me to humble myself before you and trust in your provision, for those who trust in you are never disappointed. 

Life Application

Don’t believe the world’s reports of the happiness of the rich and famous. While the glamour media boasts of a few success stories, there are many untold stories of tragedy and loss. And don’t gamble your money away. Las Vegas publishes the rare winners with great fanfare but covers up the stories of the multitudes whose lives are destroyed in loss and consumed by debt. In short, all the world’s promises are empty. Humble yourself before God and trust in His provision. God is good to all of his children. He is a king who provides for all of his people.