Changing Ourselves – Luke 10:36-37

Changing Ourselves – Luke 10:36-37

“Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the robbers?” “The one who showed mercy to him,” he said. Then Jesus told him, “Go and do the same.” (Luke 10:36-37)

Pastor John’s Notes:

The teacher of the law who tested Jesus by asking, “And who is my neighbor” was undoubtedly challenged by his answer. His prejudice was brought out into the open. We should note that he could not even use the name “Samaritan” but said only “the one who showed mercy to him.” Learning to love others often begins with the breaking down of our own bias. Loving others requires not only a commitment to meet the needs of others but also a willingness to allow ourselves to be changed in the process. We should look at opportunities to serve as a “win-win.” The people we care for win because we are working to meet their needs. It is also a win for us because God is at work within us to shape us into the image of his Son.


Lord, even as I work to meet the needs of others, effect a change within me. Shape my soul into your likeness. Let love become the rule of my life.