Conviction of Sin – John 16:8-9

Conviction of Sin – John 16:8-9

When he comes, he will convict the world about sin… because they do not believe in me. John 16:8-9

Pastor John’s Notes:

Conviction of sin leads us to repentance. The Holy Spirit begins this work in us by revealing what is lacking in us. We cannot truly repent unless the Holy Spirit first does this work. It would appear that without the Holy Spirit’s deep work within us, we would never truly repent, even when exposed to the teachings of Christ. We might hear the teachings of Christ, as many did in Jesus’ day, and even agree with them to some degree, but our hearts are so hardened to the truth that we will not repent. No, we need the Holy Spirit to pierce our hearts with God’s truth. 

When the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, it will hurt. We may feel ashamed as we see our sin in the light of God’s righteousness. God does not wish to harm us, but only to heal us. But he cannot heal us as long as we live in denial. So the Spirit works to convict us, that is, to help us see our sin from God’s perspective. With our sin exposed, we have two alternatives. Either we can retreat into the darkness or humble ourselves in the light. None of this is enjoyable, but it leads us to righteousness. God’s desire is that we might share in his holiness.


Holy Spirit, do your work within me. Help me to see my sin as God sees it and let me be repulsed by it. Convict me so that I might abandon my worldly ways and learn the ways of God.