God Has Been Faithful In Answering Prayers

God Has Been Faithful In Answering Prayers

We are absolutely elated to write to you this month to share all the ways God has been faithful to answer so many prayers. The first month of the semester has passed and it was a bit of a blur from all the events and outreaching. One of the very specific ways God answered all our prayers was by sending us enough male college students to relaunch the ministry. Here are some of the stories of God sending us new men.

Helmut: Helmut is a freshman on the rugby team at KU and he came here from Maui, Hawaii. Caden met him when Helmut attended Grace Church the first week of classes. Helmut wanted to explore all the churches in the area but started with Grace because it was the closest to campus. When Caden saw Helmut at church with his brother and dad, he walked up to introduce himself. Immediately, it was evident that Helmut already had a heart set on reaching his whole rugby team with the Gospel and after talking with Caden he was eager to partner with and learn from Cru to help lead a bible. study with his rugby team. The following Sunday, Helmut brought another teammate, Viktor. Unfortunately, the players are not able to come to Cru’s large group meetings because they have practice every day and mandatory study halls. Instead, Caden took Helmut out for a dinner, discussed his family and faith history, articulated the gospel, and shared the vision of Cru: to see college students become disciples who make disciples. Helmut has agreed to meet with Caden once or twice a month as they grow in their own faith together and discuss how they can work together to reach the whole rugby team with the Gospel!

Jordan: Jordan is a freshman on the football team at KU. We’re not 100% sure how Jordan heard about Cru because he added himself to the Groupme chat. We are fairly certain he was given one of the Discount Cards (explained in our previous letter) because that card has the QR Code to join the Groupme. There were actually eight students total who added themselves to the Groupme by scanning the QR code so far. The first event Jordan came to, by himself, was when we planned to go to Applebees for half-priced apps on a Friday night. The next day, we played lawn games at the park and Jordan met us there, too. The next day Jordan came to church with us. Then that Tuesday, he came with us to the Movie Tavern for a $5 movie night to see a Marvel film. We learned Jordan loves to paint and watch musicals. Caden noticed how quick he was to dive headfirst into every single Cru event except he also cannot attend Cru large group meetings because of football practice and mandatory study hall. However, Jordan has eagerly agreed to meet with Caden every week to explore the person of Jesus Christ. Currently, we are not sure what his faith background is but Jordan was excited about this opportunity to be discipled by Caden.

Darren: Darren is a freshmen who is majoring in Sports Management. Luckily for us, he is not on an athletic team so we did meet him at one of our Cru meetings! Darren heard about Cru through Hannah (our friend who was living with us) as they were connected through a local church’s young adult group. Darren came to Cru and afterward, he talked with Caden for about half an hour where Caden learned more about Darren’s interests, family background, and relationship with the Lord. Darren told Caden he really liked the way Caden led bible study by going line by line through the scripture. After they talked, Darren stayed with a small group of students and hung out until 11 pm! Darren also went home and immediately signed up for our FALL RETREAT! (happening Oct 1-3). The next day, Darren texted Caden after his classes were over to ask if he was free to meet and they hung out for four hours together. Darren has also agreed to meet with Caden weekly for discipleship to learn more about Jesus and understanding God’s Word.

We share just a small look into the last month of ministry to remind you and ourselves that God does hear and answer prayers! Also to remind you and ourselves that God is always working ahead of us, preparing the way in ministry while also working behind the scenes. It was God that brought these students to Kutztown and then to us. It is God that is reaching out to them and calling their names. It will be God that changes the hearts of the students and conforms them to the likeness of Christ. Thank you for partnering with us, for supporting us, and for believing in the work God is doing in us and through us.

Praise with us:

  • Praise God for the first month of the semester being so amazing! For all the events that ran smoothly and for all the new faces!
  • Praise God for the three freshmen guys in this letter: Helmut, Jordan, and Darren! Pray for them as Caden begins to teach them God’s Word.
  • Praise God for all the opportunities to build community and friendships
  • Praise God for Fall Retreat happening in less than 3 weeks
  • Our Lehigh Valley staff team has been growing and we’ve been able to extend to more campuses in the area! We now have officially launched Cru at Lehigh, Kutztown, LCCC, NCC, and LV Penn State!!
  • We have been averaging 14-16 students who are coming out to Cru each week and so far, every week has brought new faces as well! This means we’ve TRIPLED our size – not including the athletes we’ve met that haven’t been able to come due to conflicting schedules (the three cheerleaders, Jordan, and the rugby players.)

Pray with us:

  • Pray that a total of 8 KU students sign up for Fall Retreat (so far, we have three!)
  • Pray God sends us four more committed freshmen students (we were praying for 8 and we already have Helmut, Jordan, Darren, and a girl named Sonya)
  • Pray that God provides a way for us to have more reliable cars – currently, we are surviving off of only one car that is a Sonata ’06 which has been having its own problems and we are trusting God to sustain our transportation since we cannot afford to purchase a car.
  • Pray that God continues to send us athletes and helps us reach these players and coaches!
  • Pray for discernment about how to make our large group meetings more accessible for athletes or Greek Life members as God seems to lead us in that direction. We want to go where the lost are.