Hatred of Evil – Psalm 139:19-22

Hatred of Evil – Psalm 139:19-22

God, if only you would kill the wicked—you bloodthirsty men, stay away from me—who invoke you deceitfully. Your enemies swear by you falsely. Lord, don’t I hate those who hate you, and detest those who rebel against you? I hate them with extreme hatred; I consider them my enemies. (Psalm 139:19-22)



Well, this is a surprise! Here is a sudden and surprising shift of focus. Throughout this psalm, the writer takes his joy in the glory of God, but now he expresses his hatred for evil and does so with the strongest language. What are we to do with this? First, we should note that these sentiments are those of a human being and not of God. God demonstrates much more patience with those who practice evil. The writer even seems to be expressing frustration at God’s slowness to punish evildoers. But second, we should understand that the more a person sees the beauty of God’s holiness, the more the evils of this world will appear in dark contrast. When we truly see the wreckage evil creates, we will have some strong emotions to manage. 



Lord, deliver me from the love of all evil and liberate me into the joy of holiness. 


Life Application:

Once you experience the joy of God’s goodness and the beauty of holiness, you may subsequently experience a strong hatred of evil, even the evil that resides within yourself. You will hate foolishness, injustice, and unkindness. You will hate the damage that evil has done to you and to others. You may also hate yourself for the evil and foolish things you have done. Hatred is the right emotion for evil, but you will have to be careful. God is patient and kind toward everyone, and all of us are sinners who struggle with evil inclinations. We should indeed hate evil, but we should love people. So beware of your hatred and make sure it is engulfed with patience and kindness toward others in the same way that God has been patient with us.