Jesus Entrusted Himself to God – 1 Peter 2:23

Jesus Entrusted Himself to God – 1 Peter 2:23

When he suffered, he did not threaten but entrusted himself to the one who judges justly. (1 Peter 2:23)

Pastor John’s Notes:

Whenever we face abuse, we have the urge either strike back or retreat. Fight or flight. When Jesus endured abuse, he did something different by entrusting himself and his situation to God. Jesus understood the greater plans of God for his life. With these purposes in view, he put lesser things in their place. Jesus also understood himself to be the Son of God, and therefore did not seek to justify himself before anyone else. We also can have this same relationship with God. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the firstborn of many brothers and sisters. (Romans 8:29)

There is a peace that comes from entrusting ourselves to God. We know that anything God says to us in judgment is right and true, so we don’t need to be defensive but can accept God’s chastisement as discipline in the same way that a good parent will discipline his or her child. Also, we know that God is good and kind, not wishing to harm us but only to heal us. When we commit ourselves to God in this way, the opinions of others are less important to us.


Lord God, you are the only one who can truly define me. In all your judgments, you are right and true. Teach me to endure the insults of others. Let their words never penetrate my soul or discourage my spirit. Instead, let me respond in confidence and in kindness, knowing that your judgments alone are worthy of my acceptance.