Jesus Speaks the Word of God – Luke 5:1

Jesus Speaks the Word of God – Luke 5:1

One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. (Luke 5:1)

Pastor John’s Notes:

Jesus spoke with authority because he taught the truth. News of Jesus’ teaching spread quickly and people came from all around to hear him teach. Multitudes listened carefully and meditated on his words. Whenever truth is spoken, we typically pause in silence, knowing that there is nothing more to be said. People listened to Jesus this way. Many came to believe that he was the Messiah based solely on the wisdom of his teaching.

Our world today runs at a different pace than the ancient world did. The media floods us with a countless number of news anchors, entertainment personalities, and Hollywood Stars all clamoring for our attention. Social media has become a forum for us to debate one another on any topic that piques our interest. Even the President of the United States tweets impulsively. We live in a world of spin where the truth seems a distant reality. In fact, many people have cynically come to believe that there is no truth, only spin. The constant debating leaves us disoriented and the noise of constant fighting numbs our senses.

Yet if we turn to Jesus Christ, he will still speak the truth to us. He is still as available to us as he was to the people of Israel two thousand years ago. He is ready to reveal the will of God to anyone who comes to him. He is someone worth listening to because he speaks the Word of God.


Lord Jesus Christ, speak your Word to me. Let me not be overwhelmed by the constant noise of the modern media culture, but let me find my source of truth in your living Word. Teach me to listen carefully with a believing heart. Let your Truth do its work within me to make me new.