John 16:11

John 16:11

When the Holy Spirit comes, he will convict the world…about judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged. (John 16:11)


Satan is a liar. He wants us to believe that he is still the ruler of this world. He enjoys it when we fear him rather than fearing God. He wants us to think we are still enslaved to sin, even when Jesus Christ has set us free. Yet Satan is a defeated foe and has already been judged. His condemnation is sure. Thanks be to God! 


Jesus Christ overcame Satan during his earthly ministry. Jesus won the battle against Satan when shortly after his baptism the Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. If Satan could tempt Jesus to sin, then Jesus would be disqualified to offer himself as the spotless sacrifice for our sin. God’s one way of salvation would have been lost at that moment. But Jesus did not fall! He overcame all of the enemy’s temptations and emerged from the wilderness victorious. From that moment onward, the angels of God began to serve Jesus. Even the demonic host had to acknowledge victory and fall obedient to his commands. 


Jesus has now ascended to the throne of heaven and commissioned us to carry the gospel into all of the nations until his return. His purpose is to create a people for God who will choose to love and follow God of their own free will. In this time of the kingdom’s expansion, all that Satan can do is work spitefully against God’s people as we seek to fulfill God’s purpose. Satan rages against the church and lies to us that he remains in power. He hopes to frighten us and discourage us from our work. But Jesus has given us his Holy Spirit to convict us of Jesus’ victory and remind us of the judgment of God. Satan is defeated and is no longer the ruler of this world; Jesus Christ alone is Lord! 



Holy Spirit, convict me of the judgment of God. Remind me that Satan is a defeated foe and is no longer in power. Deliver me from all of his lies. Teach me to fear God and serve the Son of God alone. Whenever the enemy rages against me to discourage or frighten me, speak to me once again of the power and lordship of Jesus Christ. Remind me that I serve a risen Lord who has overcome the power of sin and death. Let me joyfully fulfill the commands of Christ until his glorious return. 

John 16:10