Life for children ministry serving the Lord despite pandemic’s impact

Life for children ministry serving the Lord despite pandemic’s impact

I can’t thank HUMC and its Serve team for standing with me, Julie Campbell and Life for Children for so many years. Hempfield UMC was among the first church partners I had when the ministry began in 2006. I will forever be indebted to her friendship, partnership and prayers over the years. HUMC’s pastor, Rev. John, and other members visited Kenya – and what a bond this created!

Life for Children ministry is serving the Lord – despite the pandemic negative impact. Through the pandemic, we also did not want to be left behind in responding to the needs of the people. The ministry provided, face masks, washing hand containers, sanitizers and food. Many had lost their jobs and many got sick and had very little support from the government. We thought we needed to bridge the gap. We are still responding to the needs of COVID-19 and your intervention also would be appreciated. The vaccination rate is at lowest 3% while the infection still continues (Read more here). 1,280 recoveries as 565 test positive for COVID.

  • The ministry had 15 children going to college and 19 students going to high school from middle school this year alone. We praise God for this, even though it comes with the highest burden of paying tuition in addition to over 200 orphans we are supporting.
  • The ministry still builds at least one house every month for widows.
  • The ministry is still caring for the orphans through their needs in health, education, shelter, food and spiritual nourishment, through fellowship and Bible studies.
  • The ministry still does micro finance/small business to widows, even though COVID-19’s impact on business is really rendering this impossible to continue. We may have to talk to partners to inject funding to resuscitate this program.
  • The Church at Hempfield Wachara is still open, though it was closed for a while due to COVID-19 protocol and restriction of in-person worship.
  • The School at Hempfield Wachara has over 300 children and has students from PP1 to eighth grade.
  • We are now working on a library for the school and your support will be appreciated.

Be blessed.

Michael Agwanda