Matthew 5:9

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. (Matthew 5:9)


Peace is a spiritual gift. It is a sense of well-being that all is right between us and God. God gives us this gift because he does not want any of his children to wallow in doubt, regret, or self-pity. Christ has given his life for us, and if we repent of our sin and turn to God, God forgives us and all is well. The spiritual peace that follows is an open door through which many other blessings can pass. Peace is a gift that we can not only receive but pass along to others. Our reconciliation with others is part of our personal witness. It prepares them to experience reconciliation with God. 


But if we are to obtain peace, we must be intentional about it. The world in which we live has always been filled with turmoil. It is easy for us to get absorbed into the issues of the day and take sides in debates that will never be resolved. But Christ has shown us a different path, a path that is centered in our restored relationship with God. We are then called to be agents of God’s peace in the world. The peace of God is always available to us, and in every situation, we can work to bring it about. 



Lord, let me be a person of peace. Let me not only receive peace from you but extend peace toward others. Let me experience the beautiful gift of spiritual peace in ever-increasing measure.

Matthew 5:8