Prayer Against Temptation – Matthew 6:13

Prayer Against Temptation – Matthew 6:13

And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. (Matthew 6:13)



The Lord’s Prayer is a model for our daily prayer and so we are to pray daily for deliverance from temptation. The only way we can emerge from temptation victorious is to offer our prayers to God. Without prayer, we are relying upon our own strength and wisdom, and will surely fall. As the enemy is working against us on a daily basis, so we should pray against his temptations proactively every day. 



Heavenly Father, I know it is not your will that any of your children succumb to the temptations of the evil one. Yet the enemy is persistent and tempts us every day. Give me wisdom that I might offer my prayers of deliverance to you every day, for without you I will surely fall. 


Life Application:

The first and best defense against temptation is to have a daily and healthy prayer life. Don’t wait to pray until you face a moment of temptation, but become proactive in your prayer against temptation. Keep up a strong defense, even when things seem okay. The enemy will attack us whenever our defenses are weak and we are not paying attention. Follow Jesus’ instruction to pray against temptation every day.