Resting in God’s Promises – Luke 2:27-28

Resting in God’s Promises – Luke 2:27-28

When the parents brought in the child Jesus to perform for him what was customary under the law, Simeon took him up in his arms. (Luke 2:27-28) 

Pastor John’s Notes:

God had revealed to Simeon that he would see the Messiah before he died. One day, Simeon was led by the Spirit into the temple on the very day that Jesus was brought in by his parents for circumcision. Simeon was then able to hold the Messiah in his very arms! God always keeps his promises.

We don’t know much about Simeon, only that he loved God and was waiting for the Messiah. God saw his faith and rewarded him with a promise that he would indeed see the Messiah before he died. Simeon’s life is a sign to us, first that God is very much interested in us as individuals. But then, God wants to bless us with special gifts. 

Today, all of us are the recipients of God’s great promises in Jesus Christ. Jesus has promised us eternal life because we believe in his authority. He has promised to be with us by his Holy Spirit. He has promised that he will come again. All of us can rest in his promises.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the promises you have given us in your Son, Jesus Christ. Fulfill your promises in us, that we might never be afraid, but live by the power of your Word.