Romans 2:9-11

Romans 2:9-11

For there is no favoritism with God. (Romans 2:9-11)

Here is the core truth that Paul presents in this second chapter of Romans, that God shows no favoritism. This truth of God’s character is both encouraging and humbling. It is encouraging for those who have been living apart from God. All they need to do is return to God, and God will welcome them with open arms. It is humbling for those who have been brought up in a religious context, for God will judge us if we continue in sin in the same way that he will judge the world.

This truth is humbling to me because I have been brought up in a religious context. My father was a Methodist pastor, and I have always been part of a church family. I entered pastoral ministry in 1992, and both my brothers are Methodist pastors. But none of this is to my credit. God is interested in the holiness of my heart, and each day I have to repent of my sins and humble myself before him. Each day, I have to renew my worship of God as my Creator, my commitment to Jesus Christ as King, and welcome the Holy Spirit to be my Counselor and Guide. Keeping myself humble before God is so much better than trusting in myself. I am happy to stay humble before God, for then I am useful to him in the building up of his kingdom. And when I humble myself before God, each day is a fresh start.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you show no favoritism but treat all of your children equally. I thank you that you are my Creator and that you have made me for yourself. I joyfully submit myself to your will and purpose. Lord Jesus Christ, you are my King, and I pledge my allegiance to your kingdom. Holy Spirit, I welcome your presence. Take your rightful place within my soul. Teach me to walk with you in humble service, not trusting in myself, my history, or my circumstances, but only in your good presence and love. At the close of this day, let me look back and celebrate all that you have done within me and through me. Be glorified in my life both this day and every day.

Romans 2:4