Taking Away Our Sins – 1 John 3:5

Taking Away Our Sins – 1 John 3:5

You know that he was revealed so that he might take away sins, and there is no sin in him. (1 John 3:5)

Pastor John’s Notes:

If you want to know what holy living looks like, you need only look at Jesus Christ. In an earlier post, we learned that sin is lawlessness. It is the desire to throw off the patterns of living that God has designed for the human race. Sin is not only harmful action, but it is also an inner impulse to self-rule. Jesus had no sin but lived in perfect obedience to the will of God. Jesus came to take away our sin and to invite us into a life of obedience to God. 

The work of Jesus in dealing with our sin is twofold. First, he gave his life on the cross for our forgiveness. This work is called “justification,” and it is done once and for all. Second, he sent his Holy Spirit to repair the damage of sin and teach us a new way of obedience. This work is called “sanctification,” which means “to be made holy,” and it is a life-long process. When we think of Jesus, we often think of the first work and not the second. We readily embrace his atoning death on the cross for the forgiveness of our sinful actions. We are not so mindful of the ongoing, daily work of his Spirit to eradicate our sinful inclination. But Jesus has come to do both. The true children of God not only receive Jesus as Savior but live by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that you have come to take away our sin. Thank you for the cross, by which we can find forgiveness for our sinful actions. Thank you also for your Holy Spirit, through whom we can find freedom from our sinful inclinations. I welcome you to do both in my life, that I might be delivered from the power of sin, and live as a true child of God.