The Living Word of God -1 Peter 1:23

The Living Word of God -1 Peter 1:23

You have been born again—not of perishable seed but of imperishable—through the living and enduring word of God.

Pastor John’s Notes:

To be born again is to become a new person, to become fully human. It is the love of Christ which makes us new. His love defines us and remakes all that we are. His love is perpetually available to all the world. His love, his full love, is available to you now, in this moment! When we acknowledge his love for us and welcome it fully, his Holy Spirit takes up residence within us and awakens our spirit. We are made citizens of his kingdom and are no longer citizens of the world. We are given the gift of eternal life.

And what is the Word of God but the truth of God in what he has done for us in Jesus Christ. The Word of God is not merely factual, but it is a living word that has creative power. When we receive the Word, it makes us into something new. We are no longer our old selves, confused, sorrowful, and broken, but we are now made new and filled with love, joy, and wisdom. The Word of God is enduring, unchangeable and always available to us.


Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your wonderful and life-changing love! In your love, I have been born again! If I have you, I have all things! What a wonderful answer you are to all the questions of my life. In you, all things are resolved and in you all truth is known. Teach me your Word. Show me your kingdom. And let me show others its remarkable beauty!