The Pure in Heart – Matthew 5:8

The Pure in Heart – Matthew 5:8

The Reading

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)


When we are reconciled to God and reconciled to each other, we can begin to see life clearly; that is, we begin to perceive life as God intended. When our life is in disharmony with God, we cannot see what God is doing. When we are bitter toward the people around us, our judgment is clouded, and God cannot use us as his instruments. Having a pure heart means that we have cleaned out our soul of everything that is counter to God’s calling and purpose. When we do this, we can begin to see and understand our life and role. 

The Prayer

Lord, help me to see life from your perspective. Help me to clean out my soul of all rebellion and sin. Let me also be reconciled to the people around me. Let my heart become pure so that I can see your hand at work in the world around me.

Life Application

God is interested in the condition of your soul. Whenever we allow evil things to dwell within us, our entire soul is affected. God wants us to live with a pure heart. To do this, we must first be reconciled to God. The means of this reconciliation is called “confession.” If we do not confess our sins, we will carry the weight of guilt until we do. God doesn’t want this for us. God is ready to forgive us and promises to do so if our confession is sincere. But we must confess.

Second, we must be reconciled to the people we have offended and those who have offended us, so we must forgive them. If circumstances allow us be reconciled face-to-face, we should do so. But there are times when a face-to-face meeting is neither possible nor advisable. In such cases, we must still forgive others in our hearts. Keeping our heart free and clear of all sin and bitterness is a daily business, but it leads to a better and more joyful life. It also enables us to see God’s activity more clearly and be used by God more effectively. Cleansing the soul should be a daily discipline.