The Word of God: Words of Spirit and Life

The Word of God: Words of Spirit and Life

This week we will study how God relates to us by speaking his Word.

The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. (John 6:63)


God sent Jesus Christ into the world to speak His Word. The words of Christ are empowered by the Holy Spirit that took up residence within Jesus at the time of his baptism. These words are different from the words we commonly speak, for they come from God and have the power to bring blessing and new life. This is why the Bible has been the most copied, printed, and read book of human history since the time of its writing, every year, year after year! Through the words of Christ and his apostles, we can find all we need to live a new life in a relationship with God.


Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for the spiritual words you have spoken. Teach me to listen by the power of your Spirit at work within me.

Life Application:

Jesus has done his work: he has spoken the Word of God to us. Now it is up to us to hear, listen, meditate, and allow his living Word to take root within our soul. Each of us should develop a habit of reading the Word of God, paying special attention to the words of Christ. We should also meditate on the Word, allowing it to take root within our soul. So take up the responsibility of receiving and cultivating the Word of God. Become a good steward of your soul, which God has entrusted to your care.