They Met Together in the Temple – Acts 2:46

They Met Together in the Temple – Acts 2:46

Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple. (Acts 2:46)

Pastor John’s Notes:

The temple was the birthplace of the church and it was here that the believers returned day after day to worship God and to hear the Word. It must have been a wonderful thing to experience!  Even now, many Christians experience the same elation at the beginning of their journey. It is truly a wonderful thing to be part of God’s kingdom and to share life with other believers.

However, as time passes, new challenges will emerge, just as they did for the people of the early church. We can experience opposition or even persecution because of our new-found faith. The church can begin to wrestle through difficult theological issues. We may even become discouraged with the simple imperfections in others or frustrated at the slowness of our own spiritual progress. At such times, our corporate worship takes on a deeper value.

The worship of God is the centerpiece of our life together. Jesus promised that whenever two or three are gathered together in his name, he is in our midst (Matthew 18:20). The presence of Jesus among the gathered believers is the source of our strength and wisdom for the present, and the source of our hope for the future. Our gathering together matters, both for our own spiritual progress, for the blessing of others, and to Jesus Christ whom we worship.


Lord Jesus Christ, be present among us whenever we gather for worship. Open our spiritual senses to experience your presence. Guard us against anything that would keep us from gathering together, and do your wonderful work among us whenever we meet together in your name.