Service & Ministry Outreach

Service & Ministry Outreach

Severe Situation In Kenya

Please be in prayer for the serious issues facing Kenya, including flooding, which is devastating to both life and property and an urgent health care crisis. You can learn more details in the newsletter from Michael Agwanda at Life For Children (LFC) Ministry. Our congregation provides regular support to LFC as well as to LFC’s missionary, Julie Campbell. Please know that the Serve Team will be providing an additional designated donation from budgeted funds to help with relief efforts.

Strauses Celebrate A Month Of Firsts At Kutztown

“Praise God that our students are growing into their first baby steps with Jesus, and others are growing into future church leaders and teachers.” Read Caden & Kassidy’s full April update here.

HUMC & Serve Team Supported Project In Africa

Here is an update from Dr. Esther Kawira about a project supported through HUMC and the Serve Team in Africa. A few years ago, Kerina and her two young children all became patients in our new Sickle Cell clinic. Kerina was born with Sickle Cell Disease, and had already experienced some major complications from it. She had also lost a number of pregnancies and her only two living children both also were born with Sickle Cell Disease. With the assistance…

Prayers Needed For Kenya Health Crisis

We recently received a request for fervent prayer from one of our missionaries, Michael Agwanda, CEO of Life For Children Ministry (LCM), which is a mission-oriented charity that helps children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Kenya. When you read Michael’s letter, you’ll sense his concern and the great need for prayer for his country and for the LCM family. Please be in prayer for them.

Update From Kutztown University Missionary

In her most recent update, Kassidy Strause, serving with CRU on the campus of Kutztown University, PA tells us that, “As I think of how to summarize our ministry at Kutztown, it would truthfully sound like an altered version of Luke 7:22, which says, Go and tell my ministry partners what you have seen and heard: the spiritually blind receive their sight, the needy are helped, and the deaf hear. And those dead in their sins are being raised up, and the brokenhearted have…

Greetings From NC Missionaries Keith & Debi Wright

Happy Spring Greetings from Keith and Debi Wright, missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators in North Carolina. We trust this finds you well! What do the numbers 5, 15 and 24 mean? Here’s a hint: they are not the combination to a lock or a safe. However, they have something to do with unlocking God’s Word. To find out more, check out our Spring newsletter here.

Jenny Groff Update_March 2024

“Last year, we began discerning with our mentors and community that God may be asking something new of us. Today, I’m excited to share with you where God is leading us!” Read Jenny’s complete update here.

Strause Update_Jan. 2024

“We are extremely encouraged about the first two Cru meetings. After spending months returning to the Lord over and over asking for more male students in our movement, we saw God answer these prayers in the most magnificent way.” Read more here.

Jenny Groff Update_April 2023

“What a month it’s been! I have been amazed at the new students who are showing up, open to something of God.” Read Jenny’s latest update here.