HUMC Virtual Classroom

HUMC Virtual Classroom

HUMC Virtual classroom

HUMC is offering a virtual classroom space for middle school and high school students from local school districts that need reliable, fast internet to attend their classes virtually. Students from Columbia, Hempfield, Donegal, and Penn Manor are the most likely to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

We currently have 15 seats open each week, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8am – 3pm. Students will need to bring their own devices, but have their own desks, access to restrooms, and a refrigerator where they can store lunches. Students will be monitored by Safe Sanctuary trained volunteers from the church who can assist with basic needs like internet access, directions to restrooms, and other questions as needed. Students must register here.

We are asking students and families to review our plan and COVID-19 protocols, and submit an emergency contact form and behavior covenant.

Please bring the completed emergency contact form with you on your first day in the virtual classroom. Families that have not completed the form will be asked to do so before the student can stay for the day.


Daily Agenda

What does a day in the virtual classroom look like?

  • Students can arrive as early as 7:45 and enter through the B2 door on the side of the building facing Marietta Avenue at our 3050 Marietta Ave location. The door will be open for students to enter. Students must “check-in” upon arrival with the church volunteers.
  • Everyone must wear masks at all times while inside the building.
  • Church volunteers will be rotating in and out throughout the day, but at least 2 volunteers from the church will be available to assist with connecting to the internet and offering directions to kitchen or restrooms
  • At lunch, students can get their lunches and eat them at their desks
  • Breaks: students can take breaks and stretch their legs outside, weather permitting, between classes
  • As most schools end their days around 3pm, so do we. Students can remain as late as 3:30pm at which point HUMC will sanitize the space and desks


Are you a regular attender of HUMC and interested in volunteering to help with the virtual classroom? Your help is vital to the continuing education of our local students and a great assistance to our community. Here is what you need to do:

If you have any questions about the virtual classroom or Safe Sanctuary, please contact Pastor Kevin