Formational Prayer for Healing Deep Wounds

Formational Prayer for Healing Deep Wounds

Inner healing is a process that offers life-changing, faith based, pathways to keep deep wounds from the past from becoming the driving force for dysfunctional behaviors, false beliefs, and destructive patterns in your life. Join Pastor Keith Buckbee & Brenda Coffin, Minister of Spiritual Care and Counseling for this 12-week, faith-based group where you will be given tools for a foundational understanding of trauma, the traumatized, and healing inner pain and brokenness through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  (Men and women will be separated into two breakout groups for part of each session.)

Sign up only if you are able to attend MOST sessions.

Wednesdays, 1:45 – 3:45 p.m., Sept. 19 – Dec 19

Registration Deadline: Aug. 26 

Room 170

Cost for materials: $85


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