Hempfield UMC Memorial Garden

Hempfield UMC Memorial Garden

A   P L A C E   O F  R E M B R A N C E





The Memorial Garden provides a permanent place for us to REMEMBER AND CELEBRATE the lives of those we love and who are now with the Lord.

THE HUMC MEMORIAL GARDEN is designed to provide a space for the interment of ashes of deceased members of the HUMC family. In the past, cemeteries were often located on church grounds. HUMC’s Memorial Garden provides a similar space of tranquility for those who prefer burial at the church. The Garden serves as a place for rest, meditation and prayer.


All HUMC members, their spouses and children are eligible for interment in the garden. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Senior Pastor. A family wishing to bury the cremains of a loved one in the Memorial Garden MUST schedule a service of interment with an HUMC Pastor.


The Memorial Garden will be located in the front of the church building directly behind the glass windows of the Welcome Center. It will include a walkway, benches remembrance column(s) and a variety of plants, flowers, grasses and shrubs.


The ashes of a loved one can be placed either directly into the earth or in an appropriate small biodegradable container, which will then be placed into the earth. No urn or other interment vessel will be permitted. A map/plot will be kept to identify areas and interments. The location of the interment will not have a location marker. Married couples may choose to share the same plot for the interment of their ashes. , Ashes are non-recoverable and therefore non-returnable.


The Memorial Garden is not a cemetery. Lots will not be sold and deeds will not be issued. The Garden will remain the property of HUMC. People are sometimes accustomed to honoring their deceased loved ones by placing plants, decorations, etc. in cemeteries; however no additional flowers or items of remembrances are necessary nor will be permitted. Those who would like to give an annual or one time gift to honor those within the garden are encouraged to do so. These gifts will be used to add living plants and/or to maintain the garden.


There will be no charge to those who wish to inter ashes in the Memorial Garden. However, donations are encouraged and will be used for purchasing the brass memorial plaque and the ongoing maintenance of the memorial garden.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the administration of the Memorial Garden.

For questions about the HUMC Memorial Garden or to request the Garden’s plot plan map please contact the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.