At Hempfield, we recognize giving as an act of worship. As stewards of the kingdom of God, we worship God by returning a portion of the resources God has provided to us for the support, strengthening and expansion of the ministry of the church.

Giving is an essential part of our walk with God. The Bible tells us that “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) For our members, we encourage the biblical practice of tithing, the returning of 10 percent of one’s income, as the goal of faithful stewardship. 

Give in the Offering Boxes

Place tithes and gifts in the offering boxes as you enter and leave the Sanctuary.

Give by Electronic Funds Transfer

Give through a regularly scheduled electronic fund transfer from your account to the church’s. Contact Lois Pierce at 285-5156 ext. 297 for assistance. Click here to download the form.

Give Online

Give by using our online Paypal service.  Click Here to use the service.


 The church has a brokerage account for receiving contributions of stock and can provide detailed instructions for making such a gift. Your broker can wire a specified amount of stock to the church’s brokerage account at RBC Wealth Management. Hempfield sells stock donations immediately upon receipt and the proceeds, net of broker’s commissions, are then credited to accounts as directed by the donor. Once the net proceeds of the sale have been received, the church will send an acknowledgement letter stating the type of stock received, the date of receipt, and other necessary information. This is the receipt for any tax deductions that may be available.

giving cryptocurrency

The Church uses to receive , liquidate and disburse cryptocurrency gifts to Hempfield. By making the contribution to the donor specifies that the gift is for Hempfield. receives the gift, provides the tax-deductible receipt to the donor, deducts a processing fee, and remits the balance to the church. As with any donor advised fund, the donor gets credit for the gift on the church records and the gift is recorded as “non deductible”. The gift is credited to the accounts as directed by the donor.


Give in Thanks

Whenever you give, offer your thanks to God for the many gifts and resources you have received.

For the giving of other assets or for any question regarding giving, please contact Lois Pierce at 285-5156 ext. 297 for assistance.