National & International Missions Partners

National & International Missions Partners

Go therefore and Make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…

Matthew 28:19

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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José and Audrey work with One Mission Society (OMS) in the South Region of the US (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana). They present to pastors and church mission leaders what God is doing with OMS around the world and explain to them how they can partner in that work. They visit colleges and universities during missions emphasis weeks where they connect with students and professors. They also have been involved internationally. Since 2004, José and Audrey have taken more than 150 people to Mexico City and 20 people to Haiti with the Homes for Haiti project. They have worked in Mozambique as evangelism shepherds, where they develop relationships with evangelism coordinators and pastors.

Kathmandu, Nepal
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The Zimmermans live and work in Kathmandu, Nepal, where their two sons Benjamin and Zachary attend Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), an international Christian school. Mark is a doctor of internal medicine who currently works as director of the Nick Simons Institute (NSI), an organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in rural hospitals across Nepal.  Deirdre is a nutritionist and works as an advisor to Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Services (NPCS), a Nepali NGO working to tackle the high levels of malnutrition among Nepali women and children.

Waxhaw, North Carolina
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Keith and Debbi Wright have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1996. Keith has been a part of HUMC since his childhood. They have served in many roles domestically and abroad. Currently, Keith is Housing Director at JAARS, a technical support center in Waxhaw, NC. JAARS serves Wycliffe Bible translators and others involved in Bible translation around the world. Debbi teaches second grade at a local Christian school. Their two children, Brad and Kayelei, attend the University of North Carolina Charlotte and Liberty University, respectively.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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Alexandra Castro serves as treasurer of the United Methodist Honduras Mission and assistant to the mission superintendent, who is her husband, the Rev. Juan Guerrero. The Honduras Mission was established in 1998 to minister among the Spanish-speaking population of the country. By early 2012, it had 12 congregations and three developing churches. Because it’s a new mission, it requires the services of a financial professional. Alexandra works with the mission leadership to ensure that funds reach their intended ministry and are correctly accounted for.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia
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Chris and Melissa are missionaries with South America Mission, serving in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The mission runs the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC), a pre-k through grade 12 private international Christian school. Chris is an associate youth pastor and IT worker at the school. Melissa is a high school English teacher and youth mentor. Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia, but it also has the highest poverty, unemployment, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and domestic violence rates. SCCLC’s mission is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment where students can come to know the Lord and allow Him to transform their community for His glory.

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Life For Children Ministries (LCM), KENYA, founded by Michael Agwanda, reaches out to the children of Kenya who have been orphaned by the AIDS/HIV pandemic. LCM, an international partner with The Mission Society, places these children with their extended relatives in their native communities, preserving their heritage and self-esteem. LCM also provides food, clothing, healthcare, education and Christian faith, believing that to help the child you also need to invest into his/her community. Ongoing projects involve construction of homes, schools, micro-finance, water resource development, and feeding kids living in the streets and dumps of Kisumu.

Wachara, Kenya

HUMC supports and provided funds to build Hope Church in Wachara. Hope Church was founded under the direction of Michael Agwanda and Life For Children Ministry.

Wachara, Kenya

HUMC supports and provided funding to build the first classrooms of Hempfield Academy (a ministry of Life For Children Ministry). Located in Wachara, Kenya, the school provides education and meals for children in Life For Children’s program.