Hope Ministries

Hope Ministries

Care Ministry also provides an opportunity for people to grow into a relationship with Christ through Hempfield Hope.

“And you will have confidence, because there is hope; you will be protected and take your rest in safety.”   Job 11:18

God wants you to experience Christ’s love, compassion, grace and mercy firsthand. Hope Ministry at Hempfield UM Church exists to invite those we serve into Christ-centered, loving relationships and to walk with individuals as they acquire basic necessities and learn to navigate life stages leading to hope, restoration and wholeness. The Hope Ministry team is about encouragement and empowerment. There is no shame, embarrassment, humiliation, rejection or powerlessness that God can not overcome. Through Hope Ministry, we walk beside each other as brothers and sisters loved by God, as Christ restores the broken relationships in our lives and calls us forward into the abundant life he so deeply desires for each of us.

Hope Ministries FAQs: 

What is Hempfield Hope Ministry (HHM)?

In short, it is people meeting people to care for and serve one another. Our Purpose and Vision Statement says: Through Christ-centered loving relationships, we will help those we serve to acquire basic necessities and to navigate life stages, leading to hope, restoration, and wholeness.


Where is it located? Who do I contact?

The ministry comes out of Hempfield United Methodist Church (3050 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601; 717-285-5156). Joyce Young, Director of Care Ministries, coordinates caring and serving opportunities.


What does HHM offer?

HHM responds to needs, and in this process, develops relationships. Life is difficult, and we all experience special circumstances that result in brokenness. There are times in our lives that we experience a natural or human-made crisis such as unemployment, illness, divorce, death in the family, fire, or flood, and at that point of brokenness, we need immediate help. We believe that we encounter Christ in these times of brokenness, so HHM offers an open door for people who are in need of assistance and recovery. HHM is a helping ministry through which people enter into the incredible family of God.


What can I expect if I ask for assistance?

When you ask for assistance, you can expect to be given time and attention. You will be given time to tell your story and express your needs. An ally will partner with you, care for you, and guide you toward appropriate resources to help you. Immediate relief will be offered to stabilize the chaos that the crisis has created. If the crisis you are experiencing is long lasting, you will be invited to work alongside a partner for a longer period of time. In this way, you can take positive actions to get yourself back on your feet and make the changes that are needed to prevent reoccurring situations that lead to continual brokenness and chaos.


What opportunities for service does HHM offer?

Members of our congregation can serve as prayer warriors. They will also be trained and equipped to be a partner or ally. A partner is someone serving in a HHM ministry. An ally is someone who is in a long-term relationship as the primary point of contact for those benefitting from HHM. In addition, members will provide targeted service involving house repairs and small building projects like access ramps or porch repairs.


What can I expect if I offer to help?

If you offer to become a HHM partner, you can expect to be used by God to show his love. The real hope for those who become involved in HHM is that they will see God, who will be making something good out of their involvement, and that each person involved in HHM, receiver and provider, will grow in right relationship with God, self, others, and all of creation.


Does Hempfield UMC provide all the resources for HHM?

There are many ministries carried out by the church, but HHM does work in partnership with many other social service and faith-based groups.

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