Spirit Cafe Servers (9:00-10:00)

Spirit Cafe Servers (9:00-10:00)

Posted 3 years ago

            SPIRIT CAFE Checklist (9:00-10:00)

  • Les Rhoades or Michele Kassees makes the first pot of coffee.  Filters and packets of coffee are below the coffee maker.  Make an additional pot of regular coffee at the end of shift, so it is ready for the next shift.
  • Cover the serving table using a roll from the cabinet in the kitchen.(Michele)
  • Prepare cold drinks.  Dispensers are in the kitchen on the back counter.  Fill one dispenser with iced tea or lemonade and the other with ice water.  Drink mix is in the snack cabinets labeled “Spirit Cafe”. Place drinks and cups on the table.(Michele)
  • Check cappuccino machine. Make sure that the hoppers inside the cappuccino maker are filled completely.  Powders are located in the cabinet below the machines, and extra boxes are in the cabinet to the right of the machine.(currently not using)
  • Stock cups and condiment table.  Make sure cups are stacked beside the cappuccino maker.  Make sure the service table is stocked with tea bags, sugar, sugar substitute, non-dairy creamer (flavored and plain), stirrers, lids and napkins.  Extras are located underneath or in the tall cabinet.
  • Prepare Snacks (Michele)  Wash your hands thoroughly and wear disposable gloves provided.  Prepare 3 trays of snacks in paper snack cups and cover them with plastic wrap.
  • Fill a bowl with ice.  Place a bowl of ice with a spoon on the coffee serving table. (used to cool down hot coffee)

Please contact Michele Kassees about this opportunity.

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