Resources for Preschoolers

Resources for Preschoolers

Sundays at Home resources are available with a parent guide, video teaching and a family activity for preschool ages.

Spotify MUSIC- Our curriculum, Orange Kids, makes playlists on Spotify. Sign up to get unlimited songs and podcasts (with occasional ads).

First Look Preschool Playlist – 35 songs
Orange Kids Music- All Good  – 12 songs we use in Bible Land

Parent Cue blog links– Especially for this time of “Stay at Home.”

Activity Stamp – This page highlights the 7 ways a preschooler learns using the 5 senses and every part of his or her body. Think of activities you do at home to cover all 7 areas- Move, Explore, Think, Reflect, Play, Imagine, Create.

Three Basic Truths Basic faith truths preschoolers learn to continue to grow their faith through life.

The Four Faith Skills Basic skills preschoolers learn to continue to grow their faith through life.

The Bible App for Kids A Collection of Bible stories with touch-activated animations and learning activities- free for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. 

Faith Conversation Guide for Preschoolers

What else can I do with my Preschool child if we have to stay home and miss church?

  • Have a “Sunday Fun-day” ANY day of the week- incorporate any Preschool Bible Story using creative ideas and props- Act it Out! 
  • Search in Google for “Preschool Bible Crafts or Coloring Pages” use specific characters or Bible Chapters and Verses like: Genesis 6:9, Noah and the Flood.
  • Search in Google for “Preschool Bible Stories” on YouTube for a selection age appropriate Bible Story Videos.