Sermon Archive (Page 45)

Sermon Archive (Page 45)

Rewards for Obedience

There is a great reward for obeying the commandments of God. It is God’s intention that we would live a life that is blessed. In the same way that a good parent desires that his or her children prosper, so God desires that we prosper. Yet the danger of our prosperity is that we might forget God. Read the Study Blog here.

Faith in the Word

Note: Due to a technical problem, this recording of the sermon ends approximately 3-5 minutes early. We face the daily decision to live by fear or to live by faith. Hear how the voice of God through the book of Deuteronomy calls us to live by faith.

United Methodism: Part 1

What does it mean to be United Methodist? In the first part of this series, Pastor John gives a brief history of the denomination, and the one of the questions at the heart of this movement: the renovation of the human soul.