Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Rev. Brenda Coffin
Ordained Deacon & Minister of Spiritual Care
717-285-5156 ext. 268


What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a God-Centered spiritual process in which you are provided the sacred space to seek God’s presence, listen deeply to His voice and discern what He is saying to you. You will learn to “tend to the holy” as you listen to God’s direction with “the ear of your heart” for the purpose of spiritual discernment. Through your unique life lens and personal experience, –and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will look for the movement of God, what he might be saying to you, what is stirring in you?

About The Spiritual Director…

BRENDA COFFIN is an Ordained Deacon, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Professional Certified Coach & Spiritual Director. While Brenda is also a licensed therapist, and professional life coach, she only draws upon her foundational background to further understand and “be with” people as they seek spiritual awareness and meaning. Guided by the Holy Spirit—or third chair–Brenda helps participants view their life’s challenges, complexities and experiences through a faith lens. She also has received leadership training in contemplative practices through Oasis Ministries to equip church communities, groups and individuals in their spiritual journeys. She likes to teach others how to maintain spiritual practices that will support them in their daily living and personal reflection time.

What You Can Expect From Spiritual Direction

Spritual Direction sessions are steeped in deep listening, respect, confidentiality and hospitality, providing a process for you to hear God’s voice, notice His movements, and savor his presence.

All Sessions…

    • Insure confidentiality
    • Are relational in nature and cares for the whole person
    • Provide a safe place to help you nurture your relationship with God
    • Contemplative in nature
    • Set the tone for mutual respect, authenticity, trust and boundaries
    • Help your hear God’s voice and notice his movement in all seasons of life
    • Fosters greater awareness of God’s Presence in everyday life
    • Offer discernment for God’s direction for your life
    • Explores meaning and purpose, desire and yearnings
    • Creates space for Solitude, Silence, taking pause, savoring and noticing
    • Group members practice deep listening as peers share
    • Invites Authenticity, openness
    • Teaches Spiritual Practices
    • Offers Resources for expanding your faith

Led by Spiritual Director: Rev. Brenda Coffin, LCSW,PCC, SD




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“In Brenda’s Spiritual Direction Group, I became deeply aware of God’s presence in my life–How He was there for me especially in the small things. Prior to the group, I was always rushing from one place to the next. Now I know how to savor and notice and am deeply grounded and committed to growing in my faith. I learned from others in the group as well—oh how we are truly connected.”